About Guillaume

  Born and raised in France. My parents offered me my first camera when I was 14 years old. Photography quickly became my passion. I never left my camera behind. I began taking pictures of everything around me.
  In 1993 I did my military service in Tahiti, where I got my first scuba-diving certfcation. That is when I discovered my love of the ocean.
  In 2003 I decided to become a scuba instructor. My first job was in Fakarava (French Polynesia). While leading scuba-tours, I began filming the beauty under the sea.
  After a few years, I combined my two passions, and founded my company “5Rock Production". I created underwater movies that gave me the opportunity to work in television (BBC, TF1, Brazil TV, Christian Pietron, France2).
  In 2009, I met my wife in Hawaii. Now I live on the island of Kauai, where I continue to share the mystery of the big blue through photography, films and my editing activity.
  In my quest for a new point of view, I have mastered filming from my drone. Now, whether underwater, on land or through the sky, I can capture the beauty of our entire world and share it with you.